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Lead Staff

Brenda Lucia Ortiz Clarke

Daniel G. Alfonso

Elisa Massardo
BLOC Art Chile

Innovating for THE Global ART LOVER

Since 2015

The best way to access Peru’s art whether it is contemporary, modern, classic among other currents. From new and also well known talents in the local art scene.

We promote Peruvian and LatinAmerican art to the world through different and unconventional ways.


Born in Scotland and moved to Peru at an early age. Graduated from Universidad de Lima in Communications and after working many years in Marketing she decided to become an entrepreneur in the art world with the mission to promote local artists. 

As a passionate woman she is constantly looking to discover new artistic experiences to share with the world.


Born in La Habana, Cuba and moved to Peru a couple of years ago for an art project. Graduated from Universidad de La Habana in Art History after working many years in editorials and magazines he decided to become part of BLOC Art with the mission to promote Cuban art in the local and international scene.


Recent Press

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